By entering the area of the car park located under the Nowy Targ Square, the user enters into an agreement with Immo Park Sp. z o.o. for the rental of a parking space, in accordance with the conditions determined herein (Art. 69 and Art. 384§ 2 of the Polish Civil Code). The car park is a paid unmanned car park. IMMO PARK Sp. z o.o. shall not be responsible for the vehicles and properties left in the car park. Should the regulations set forth herein not be accepted, the customer has the right to immediately leave the car park without making any payments, however, not later than within 5 minutes after entering the car park.


  1. The rental agreement becomes effective on the moment of entering the car park and ceases to be binding on leaving the car park. The seasonal ticket card or the parking ticket shall serve as proofs of conclusion of the agreement.
  2. IMMO PARK Sp. z o.o. considers the person who submits the seasonal ticket card or the parking ticket to be authorized to drive the vehicle.
  3. The hourly parking fee is calculated for each commenced hour and is paid at the automatic cash desks located within the area of the facility or in the Customer Service Office, in accordance with the pricelist.
  4. Payments for seasonal ticket cards are determined in a separate agreement, in accordance with the pricelist, and are to be made in the Customer Service Office or by bank transfer to the account indicated in the invoice.
  5. The parking operates 7 days a week, 24 h a day.
  6. A vehicle can be taken out of the car park after the parking fee has been paid at the automatic Cash desk or in the Customer Service Office and on presenting the parking ticket or the seasonal ticket card.
  7. If a parking ticket has been lost, the parking fee shall amount to PLN 69 gross. If the vehicle has remained in the car park for a longer time, the fee due for the entire period in which the vehicle stayed in the car park, documented by IMMO PARK Sp. z o.o., shall be paid.
  8. If the user loses the parking ticket or the seasonal ticket card, while leaving the car park, such user is obliged to prove, in a credible manner, his / her authorization to use the vehicle driven. Until such proofs of authorization are presented, the vehicle shall not leave the car park.
  9. IMMO PARK Sp. z o.o. is authorized to verify the authorization of the drivers to drive the vehicles staying in the car park.
  10. The maximum parking time under an hourly parking ticket is 3 weeks, while the maximum parking time under a seasonal ticket card stems from the rental agreement.
  11. Any conditions different from the provisions hereof shall be specified in writing, under the pain of nullity.


  1. Within the area of the car park, the user is obliged to observe road traffic conditions, respect road signing / marking and the terms and conditions of using the car park, as well as to follow instructions of the employees of IMMO PARK Sp. z o.o.
  2. IMMO PARK Sp. z o.o. has the right to remove a vehicle, at the cost of its owner, in the event of occurrence of a sudden hazard and if the vehicle has been parked for more than 3 weeks under an hourly ticket.
  3. IMMO PARK Sp. z o.o. has the right to demand that users who pose hazards in the car park leave the area of the car park immediately.
  4. Car park users are obliged to park their vehicles exclusively using the set parking spaces, in the system: one vehicle per one parking space. Parking on lines which demarcate the parking spaces is prohibited. If a user does not observe this obligation, IMMO PARK Sp. z o.o. shall be authorized to tow the vehicle at the cost and risk of the user or to calculate an additional fee – should two parking spaces be occupied.
  5. It is prohibited to park on entryways, exitways, rights of way, passages, pedestrian crossings or in other non-marked places.
  6. Only duly authorized vehicles are entitled to occupy parking spaces for the handicapped.
  7. At the request of the user submitted to the Customer Service Office within 7 days following the date of the receipt, IMMO PARK Sp. z o.o., issues VAT invoices for the use of parking spaces.
  8. Any complaints and applications connected with the use of the car park shall be reported in writing to the following address: IMMO PARK SP. z o.o. Parking Nowy Targ, Plac Nowy Targ, 50 – 141 Wrocław.


  1. Car park users are responsible for any and all damage caused by them or their accompanying persons within the area of the car park.
  2. Car park users shall be held fully responsible for damage caused as a result of losing or handing over their parking ticket or seasonal ticket card to a third party.
  3. Car park users shall be held responsible for the soiling of the car park caused by them and their accompanying persons. The users are obliged to immediately notify IMMO PARK Sp. z o.o. o of such soiling before leasing the car park.


  1. The provisions of the Polish Highway Code apply within the area of the car park.
  2. Admissible speed within the area of the car park: 10 km/h.
  3. Vehicles higher than 210 cm shall not enter the car park.
  4. The following is prohibited within the area of the car park:
    a) Smoking and using open fire,
    b) Storing fuels, inflammable materials and empty fuel containers,
    c) Refuelling,
    d) Unjustified leaving vehicles with the engine working,
    e) Towing,
    f) Parking vehicles with leaky fuel inlets,
    g) Stay of unauthorized persons,
    h) Staying within the car park for the time exceeding the time necessary for taking the vehicle in / out of the car park.
  5. It is forbidden to wash or vacuum the vehicles or to refill cooling water, fuel or oil within parking spaces, entry and exit ramps and internal roads and to litter / soil the car park.